Water Gum

Botanical Name: Tristaniopsis lourina
Common Name: Water Gum or Kanooka
Family: Myrtaceae

Plant Description: Medium sized, attractive and compact shade tree, dense canopy
Growth Form: Domed shape
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: Approximately 8-10 metres
Canopy: Approximately 3-6 metres
Leaf Type: Oblanceolate to narrow-oblanceolate
Leaf Arrangement: 
Leaf Colour: Dark green, glossy on upper surface, paler underneath
Flower Colour: Yellow/white
Flowering Time: December to February
Tolerance to Frost: Moderate Frost Tolerance
Tolerance to Drought: Moderate Drought Tolerance
Bark: Smooth, peeling in patches, variations of brown, pink and grey
Light Requirements: Full sun, part shade, open position