Tree Sales is focused on supplying our clients with high quality trees. To produce such quality we have stringent procedures in place throughout the nursery for hygiene, biosecurity and methods of production.

Before selecting quality trees you need to select a quality nursery. At Tree Sales we focus on developing trees that:

  • Are self supporting, not held up on stakes,
  • Have quality, fibrous root systems,
  • All trees have one main dominant leader,
  • All trees are formatively pruned with no bark inclusions or co-dominants,
  • Our trees are propagated on site with direct seeding into either 1.5 or 8 litre air pruning containers, no tube stock is used during propagation, this allows the main radical (tap root) to travel down 200-300mm allowing fibrous lateral roots to establish, which in turn will develop into supporting structural roots. Once the tree has established in the air pruning container it will then be potted up into one of our 40-45 litre air pruning pots and grown on to a quality advanced tree. During the whole process from propagation right through to the advanced stage our trees are hardened off to local climatic conditions including temperatures ranging from -4 degrees to 44+ degrees, trees that are exposed to different uniform stresses are, in most cases, more structurally stable, vigorous trees and will adapt well to most landscape conditions. All trees are true to type with good health and structure and absent of any pest or disease.
  • For councils, developers, landscapers and home gardeners, the information provided above represents a cost saving when consideration is given to the loss ratios and ongoing maintenance of trees that are structurally unsound, not hardened off and have poor root systems.

Poor Quality Stock

Hard wall pot - circling root system


  • Trees with kinked, girdled or deflected roots develop smaller root plates and are at a heightened risk of whole tree failure.
  • Girdled root systems can also constrict the sap flow throughout the tree resulting in a reduced growth rate, reduced vigour including chlorotic foliage and dieback.

Tree sales stock

Air pruned - well developed root system


  • Air pruning creates a stronger, viable root system which enables lateral roots to develop and establish structurally when transplanted reducing the risk of failure.
  • The dense root system is able to gather an immediate source of nutrients to foster vigorous growth and enable the tree to quickly establish itself when transplanted.

Tree Sales Stock Sizes

Tree Sales are quality growers of both native and exotic trees, from juvenile stock in 1.5 litre and 8 litre air pruning containers to semi-advanced and advanced trees in 45 litre air pruning containers.


1.5 litre, 8 litre and 45 litre