Queen Elizabeth Maple

Botanical Name: Acer campestre 'Evelyn'
Common Name: Queen Elizabeth Maple
Family: Aceraceae

Plant Description: A small to medium sized tree with a rounded canopy
Growth Form: Upright branching tree with a rounded to ovate crown
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: Approximately 8 metres
Canopy: Approximately 6 metres
Leaf Type: Simple, star shaped
Leaf Arrangement: Opposite
Leaf Colour: Juvenile foliage orange in colour, mature leaves dark green turning yellow in Autumn
Flower Colour: Green, inconspicuous
Flowering Time: Spring, late
Tolerance to Frost: Moderate Frost Tolerance
Tolerance to Drought: Moderate Drought Tolerance
Bark: Greyish black becoming lightly ridged and furrowed with age
Light Requirements: Full sun, part shade