Ornamental Pear 'Southworth Dancer'

Botanical Name: Pyrus betulaefolia 'Southworth Dancer'
Common Name: Ornamental Pear 'Southworth Dancer'
Family: Rosaceae

Plant Description: A small tree with a broad pyramidal to ovate shape
Growth Form: Broad pyramid to ovate
Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: Approximately 7 metres
Canopy: Approximately 4.5 metres
Leaf Type: Elliptic to obovate
Leaf Arrangement: Opposite
Leaf Colour: Mid green, shiny once mature. Juvenile growth silver/grey colour
Flower Colour: White with purple/red stamens
Flowering Time: Spring/Summer
Tolerance to Frost: Moderate Frost Tolerance
Tolerance to Drought: Moderate Drought Tolerance
Bark: Attractive, greyish-brown mottled, peeling to reveal smooth light brown bark
Light Requirements: Full sun, part shade