Cut Leaf Plane Tree

Botanical Name: Platanus orientalis 'digitata'
Common Name: Cut Leaf Plane
Family: Platanaceae

Plant Description: Large, deciduous tree, oval to rounded canopy with dense foliage
Growth Form: Domed
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
Height: Approximately 15-18 metres
Canopy: Approximately 8-10 metres
Leaf Type: Broad, five lobed palmate with sharply serrated edges
Leaf Arrangement: 
Leaf Colour: Dark green, matte above and pale green beneath
Flower Colour: Inconspicuous, spherical flower heads
Flowering Time: May
Tolerance to Frost: Frost Tolerant, saplings sensitive to frost
Tolerance to Drought: Drought Tolerant
Bark: Flaky, grey to white colors
Light Requirements: Full sun, open position